Pravega Campus Ambassador

Pravega, the annual cultural and sci-tech fest of IISc beckons you! Snatch this opportunity and become a campus ambassador for one of the most exciting events of the year. Exhilarating and rewarding experiences await, only a click away.

Why our Campus Ambassador?

The campus ambassador program for Pravega 2023 is designed to provide you the unique opportunity to represent our organization at various colleges and schools, while learning and gaining invaluable experience on the way.

  • You’ll get a chance to organize events, hold discussions and gain insights into managing people and resources fruitfully
  • It’ll help you develop a keen sense of the demands of the market and the industry, so you have your eye on the prize when you make your own ventures later.
  • Becoming our campus ambassador will help you establish critical connections with experienced professionals

This is a rare opportunity where you’ll get to hone your skill sets AND get to work with experienced mentors while representing one of India’s biggest undergraduate college fests. You’ll get the chance to access various resources while gaining hands-on experience as a leader. It is this combination of features that makes our campus ambassador programme so special.


Your responsibilities as our campus ambassador would include:

  • 01 Events and Seminars

    Orchestrating various events and seminars related to entrepreneurship in your college and other colleges around the city, in correspondence with Pravega 2023

  • Being the connecting link between our event and your institute by communicating and sharing events related to Pravega 2023.

  • Promoting the workshops, seminars and other events that are a part of Pravega 2023 in colleges and other institutions



Hope you didn't think that you would be helping us for free! Here are some of the perks of being a CA for Pravega!!


Get signed certificates from IISc for all your hardwork!

Goodies and Rewards

T-shirts, hoodies, accessories and much more! And of course, all for free!

Free Entry

Yep you heard it right! Get free passes for a thrilling pronites

Practicum Opportunities

It's a chance to gain invaluable experience, make lasting connections, and discover your true potential by taking advantage of opportunities offered...

Frequently Asked Questions

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