Registrations: Open till 24nd August
Finals: 2nd September

Pravega Innovation Summit (PIS) is a platform to present your innovative entrepreneurial ideas in front of professionals, market experts, and possible investors and compete with others nationwide.Teams get exposure ,recognition, financial support worth lacks, and mentorship.
An excellent innovative idea will be the one that will be sustainable; that is, it will stand the test of time, along with preserving novelty and making it financially plausible so that it can change society for the better. Innovation can be anywhere; it might be in a problem that we are currently facing, or it can be something new that the world has never imagined before.
If this is something you would like to get your hands on, here is a chance to prove what you are capable of!


Prizes worth 1.8 lakhs

Prelims Results

The prelims have ended, and here are the results! Congratulations to all the finalists and participants. Thank you for participating in Pravega Innovation Summit 2022 and hope you had a fun time.

Team Name Team Leader
Aerobiosys Innovations Rajesh yadav
benefix Sanjil Jain
DHRUVA S. Dyanesh
Glueheal V Roshan Kumar Patro
Hydrazome Ishani Hira
Backyard Creators raman R
Dynamic Innovators Mughda Korade
Mnext Subhesh

Congratulations to the finalists. Mark your calendars for 2nd to 4th September and start packing your bags! We can't wait to meet you here on IISc campus during Pravega 2022.

Complimentary workshop to all finalists on 3rd September at Microsoft Garage!

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