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Date: August 30, 2022
Time: That one time of the day you're not free (more seriously, TBA)

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"With great memory limits come great time constraints"
Honour Code is Pravega's own competitive programming individual contest.
Challenge yourself by attempting to crack impossible-by-hand problems using the power of computation.
You will face 5-6 questions which test different aspects of mathematical and algorithmic adeptness over 2-3 gruelling hours.
The codes you write and submit on our portal will be vehemently judged for speed and memory requirements that stretch the very capabilities of modern programming.
Ready yourselves and show up for the challenge!


Anyone can write this event, but only high schoolers and undergraduates from India are eligible for the prizes.

Rules and more details of the event

Participants will be given 5-6 questions to be solved over 2-3 hours whose solutions will be pieces of code that they write.
These codes are written by the participants and uploaded on the appropriate portal for testing.
The competition will be open on codechef, and the link will be added soon. You may choose to attempt the contest from that link without registering here.
However, registering here is compulsory to be eligible for prizes.

We'll update the contest link soon, so check back often!


Top 3 contestants get monetary rewards
First place: Rs. 7.5k
Second place: Rs. 5k
Third place: Rs. 2.5k


Aatman Supkar
Abhiram M
email honourcode2022@gmail.com