Get entangled in the beauty of Physics


Objective Prelims-
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM IST on 17th July
Subjective Prelims-
9 AM Saturday to 3 AM Monday IST on 23rd and 24th July
2nd, 3rd and 4th Sept (Offline event)

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Come forward and show your prowess in Physics by competing with students across the country to solve problems through deliberation and critical thinking. Prepare for a battle to the end.
This is gonna be intense. This. Is. Decoherence.
This is a unique opportunity for any physics enthusiast to showcase their problem-solving ability and insight in the subject. The prelims is knocking at the door and this will serve as a gateway to the main Decoherence event!
The preliminary round is divided into two rounds - one objective and one subjective. The objective round will serve as a screening round to select teams for the subjective round. We promise that these two rounds themselves will put your abilities to test!
Unleash your skills in the Prelims to secure your way into the main event! The final event will be held in the gorgeous IISc Bangalore campus with highly subsidized tickets for your travelling and residential costs. It would be full of fun for those who love teasing their minds with new physics theoretical and experimental problems, with participants getting the opportunity to present their solutions to leading Physicists in the panel of judges!
Sounds interesting? Then don't miss the prelims.


  • High school students to 3rd year UG.
  • Contestants can participate in teams of 2 members or individuals.


Prelims- Objective Round-
  1. Single correct MCQs 15-20 questions.
  2. Duration of exam would be 90mins including submission.
  3. No late submissions are allowed.
  4. Top 25 teams, whichever comes first would be selected for subjective prelims.
Prelims- Subjective Prelims-
  1. 6-9 Subjective Questions.
  2. Duration of exam would be 42 hours over the weekend. Exact Details will be informed well before the round.
  3. Top 5 teams will be selected for the final event.
  4. A more detailed rules and regulations sheet would be mailed to you soon after the objective round.
3 day event on the IISc Bangalore campus. Tentative plan for the finals is:
  1. Day1- Theoretical and data analysis questions.
  2. Day2- Experimental design related analysis of one or few questions.
  3. Day3- Presentation of solutions in front of the judges.
  4. A more detailed plan would be mailed to you.


  • Prizes worth 50K, including prizes to winners and few best solution awards.
  • All finalists and award winners will also receive certificates.


Aryan Hingwe
Hemansh Shah
Keshav Agarwal
email decoherence.pravega@gmail.com