Story Tellers of Science

IISc's Premier Stemposium Event

Are you an innovator? Do you love showing your passion for science and sharing it with others? STEMposium Pravega provides you with the perfect opportunity to prove yourself as a science communicator. Bring out the coolest concepts, problems or phenomenon in all of STEM that you think will dazzle us. Let your imagination run wild to find innovative ways to make cool stuff simpler (or simple stuff cooler!). You can use any tools of the digital era: videos, blog posts, animations etc. that you feel gets the " vibe-flowing". Stand a chance to win exciting prizes, visit our campus and be published on our official Pravega website.


It has been mentioned in the "Read More" document. Keep checking the website for more updates!


School students and college students upto 3rd year UG students are allowed to participate.


Team sizes os 1-2 people. Click on "Read More" to get detailed information.


The event will have Prizes of up to 40K. Keep checking for more updates!

Our Coordinators