Honour Code

The coding event of Pravega

IISc's Premier Competitive Programming Event

Honour code is going to be an online hackathon where we'll be publishing ideas that should be worked on by participants. There will be around 5-10 topics that will be posted shortly. A team can choose only one topic to work on. Students can now independently register and then inform us about their respective team of 2-4 members. The list of free agents will be published after teams have been formed. They can contact amongst themselves and create their respective teams. Students will have to work on certain questions related to the problem statement chosen by them which will be published by us. Certain part of it will require coding and a presentation of what they've come up with. Judging for the initial round will be based on the quality of idea in the presentation and pseudocode generation. A subsequent interview will be done to select the finalists, the number will be based on the number of registrants.


Will be declared soon enough. Keep checking the website for more updates!


Students from classes 10-12 and 1st to 2nd year UG students are allowed to participate.


Team sizes os 1-2 people. A detailed rule pdf will be uploaded shorty. Check the websites for updates.


The event will have Prizes of up to 35K. Keep checking for more updates!

Our Coordinators