Igniting Skills, Fueling India's Economic rise
About the event

Tackling some important problems

India is on the brink of an economic breakthrough, with youthful energy and a community full of potential. However, the path to becoming a powerhouse faces challenges - a worrying unemployment rate of 42% and a gap between what our education teaches and what the job market seeks. Moreover, the untapped potential of our women remains a noticeable void.The Cognavi Ascend Hackathon comprises two rounds: the Preliminary Round and the Final Round, each with distinct objectives and selection criteria. The phase 1 or preliminary round will be online and will involve submission of proposals and the finals will be held offline on the days of Pravega. The participants can register by clicking on “Register Now”. Registered participants will be sent an email with the submission google form.


1. Registrations and Submissions deadline for the event is 30th November 2023.
2. Prelims results will be announced on 20th December 2023
3. Finals will be held offline at IISc campus on the days of Pravega. (26-28 January 2024)


The event is open to all, with team sizes of up to 5 people. Teams can be singular or can comprise of multiple members.


Participants are supposed to register via the "Register Now" button, following which they'll receive emails with the submission google form. You can find the rules in the "Read More" document.


Enticing prizes await participants, with the added allure of potential opportunities to collaborate with Cognavi.

Participants can choose any one of the three given problem statements and develop a solution or choose all three and create a collective solution.
1st Problem Statement

Skills and Education Alignment: The discord between academic pursuits and industry demands often leaves India's youth in an employment dilemma.

2nd Problem Statement

Women's Empowerment in the Workforce: The lack of gender diversity is a stark barrier in harnessing the full potential of India's human capital.

3rd Problem Statement

Efficient Talent Acquisition: The existing recruitment frameworks demand a transformation to become more precise, swift, and inclusive.