Bad Ad Hoc Hypothesis

Science: Logical but quirky

Don't miss out on
one of Pravega's most quirky and fun events!

Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses is a celebration of clear logical thinking and creativity. Join us for a fun, refreshing event and present your whacky ideas and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.
In the prelims, contestants have to submit a concise alpha presentation, a rough sketch of their concept as well as a teaser trailer via email. Participants are encouraged to have a look at the BAH Youtube channel for an idea. The finals will involve some out-of-the-box, funky presentations at the IISc Campus. See ya there!


20 days window for prelims submissions - end date is 27th August (last weekend of August)


Anyone (with proper mention of it, if option not present in the registration forms)


You can find the rules attached in the PDF given below. Please read them carefully befpre participating!



The event will have Prizes of up to 20K. Keep checking website for more updates

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