• Chemenigma

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    Delve into the captivating world of molecules and reactions at "Chemenigma." Uncover the secrets of chemistry as we unravel complex compounds and chemical wonders. Join us in this hands-on event, where you'll experiment with the elements and decode the mysteries of the molecular world!

    Co-ordinator: Priyanshu Gupta and Camelia Roy
  • Bad Ad Hoc Hypothesis

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    Science: Logical but quirky

    Co-ordinator: Paravathy S Kumplayil and Diya Sarkar
  • Decoherence

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    Dive into the enigmatic world of physics at "Decoherence." Unravel the mysteries of the universe as we explore quantum phenomena and the fundamental forces that shape our reality. Join us in this mind-bending event, where you'll experiment with the cosmos and challenge the boundaries of our understanding!

    Co-ordinator: Samanway, Vinayaka, Gaurav and Anubhav
  • Bioblitz

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    Embark on a journey of discovery at "Bioblitz." Explore the wonders of the natural world as we delve into the ecosystems, biodiversity, and the intricate web of life. Join us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of biology and contribute to our understanding of the living planet!

    Co-ordinator: Shinjini Mandal
  • Enumeration

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    Get ready to embrace the magic of numbers at "Enumeration." Dive into the world of mathematical puzzles, theorems, and infinite possibilities. Join us in this intellectual adventure, where you'll unlock the mysteries of mathematics and explore the boundless realm of numerical wonder!

    Co-ordinator: Rahul Adhikari and Kazi Aryan Amin
  • Honour Code

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    Challenge your coding skills and innovative thinking at "Honour Code." Join us in this virtual arena where talented programmers, developers, and tech enthusiasts come together to craft solutions, create algorithms, and shape the digital future. Prepare to code your way to glory and discover your coding prowess in an exciting online hackathon!

    Co-ordinators: Snehashish Ghosh and Nitin Vetcha
  • Exhibitions

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    Prepare to be awed at "Exhibitions," a showcase of creativity and innovation. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic marvels, scientific discoveries, and technological breakthroughs. Join us as we celebrate human ingenuity and explore the limitless possibilities that lie at the intersection of art and science.

    Co-ordinator: Deep Bhowmik and Harsh Vardhan Dewangan
  • Pravega Innovation Summit

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    From Idea to Impact.

    Co-ordinator: Sahib Gangarh and Ritesh Meena
  • QuadSparks

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  • Stemposium

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    Story Tellers of Science.

    Co-ordinator: Anindya Guria and Aviral Sood