• ARTPARK-Pravega Robotics Challenge

    • Registrations Close on November 10th, 2023

    Embark on a journey into the future of robotics at this Autonomous Navigation Challenge! In this thrilling competition, we're inviting brilliant minds to design autonomous robots that navigate through complex environments, inspired by the wonders of cutting-edge technology. Unleash your coding and engineering skills, push the boundaries of innovation, and chart the course for the next generation of autonomous navigation. Join us in this extraordinary event and redefine the way robots move, see, and explore. Get ready to program the future!

  • Innomobility Challenge: Pioneering the Newton's Truck concept

    • Registrations Close on November 25th, 2023

    Unleash your innovative genius in this Newton's Truck Hackathon Challenge! It's time to revolutionize energy consumption in vehicles by exploring Sir Isaac Newton's legendary laws of motion. This event is your platform to engineer cutting-edge solutions, optimizing energy usage to propel vehicles into a sustainable future. Join us in redefining transportation with creativity and Newton's insights, and let's drive towards a greener, more efficient world together!

  • Cognavi Ascend: Igniting Skills, Fueling India‚Äôs Economic Rise

    • Registrations Close on November 30th, 2023

    The Cognavi Ascend Hackathon is a bold call to the nation's bright minds to unite, dismantle these barriers, and thrust India towards a future of prosperity and inclusivity. It's more than a competition; it's an opportunity to redefine recruitment, align skills with opportunities, and ensure every talent finds its rightful place in our growing economy.

  • Playto Smartcity Challenge

    • Registrations Close on November 13th, 2023

    Step into the future of urban living with the PlayTo Smart City Robotics Event! In today's fast-paced world, the need for innovative solutions in urban environments is more critical than ever. PlayTo is leading the charge, and we invite you to be a part of this groundbreaking event. We're focused on using robotics to create smarter, more efficient cities. From autonomous transportation and delivery systems to advanced surveillance and security solutions, we're redefining urban living. Join us, along with our network of industry experts, developers, and innovators, in reimagining the future of our cities. Don't miss this chance to shape the next generation of urban living - participate in the PlayTo Smart City Robotics Event now!