Canvas to your camera-craft.

Registration and Submission:

19thJuly – 22nd August.

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Showcase your creativity and expertise of technique in Pravega’s most awaited photography competition. Craft and capture a photograph to best reflect your interpretation of one (or both if you're extremely creative) of the prompts provided. Winning photographs will be displayed in the Pravega Exhibitions. The prompts are 1) Brown and 2) Minutiae


Winners will be awarded from a pool of 15k

Rules and Regulations

  1. To participate, you must be of age 30 years or below.
  2. You must click the photograph yourself and perform all the post-processing on your own. Plagiarized entries will be remorselessly disqualified. You can, of course, take inspiration from any source.
  3. You must submit both the post-processed image (which will be considered for judging) as well as the RAW photograph.
  4. Name your photographs as follows: Final Entry - "YOUR NAME", RAW photograph - "YOUR NAME_raw", with the extension of your choice.
  5. Ensure all the contact details provided here are functional. Failure to do so will make you ineligible for awards.
  6. Please refrain from making multiple submissions. You can edit your responses till 15th August.

For Queries, contact: