Proscenium and Footprints

Pravega's Stage/Street Play Competition
About it

IISc's Premier Stage/Street Play Event

Experience Proscenium and Footprints: a stage where beautiful stories come to life. Visual depictions of scenes tug at our heart strings and bring us all together in a collective experience of humanity. We believe stage and street plays have the power to influence minds with the elegant art of expression. Join us to experience creativity put in the form of theatre and street play as a part of these events.


The event registration is ongoing. The finals will take place in the IISc Campus on 28th January 2024.


Please go through the events document (Read More) for this.


The rules have been attached in the event document (Read more) given above.


The event has a prize pool of up to 30K+ rupees.

Our Coordinators


Adithya Ponnuraj

Ananth Ashish