Proscenium and Footprints

A Candid Celebration of Your Emotions


Submission deadline: 22nd July 15th August 2022
Finals: 3rd September 2022
Submission deadline: 15th August 2022
Finals: 4th September 2022


What is the best way to put forward any idea? Stories! All our moral compasses are aligned mostly by the stories we hear in our childhood. And no other form of storytelling reaches as big an audience than those conveyed through drama.
Why? Cause they are entertaining to watch and take us inside them as if we are part of it. And our Pravega event “Proscenium and Footprints” will be no different. 🎭
We invite some independent thinkers to put forward their ideas and also invite a lovely audience to enjoy the stories that they come up with wholeheartedly 😌.
"Everything about us comes to an end except the stories we leave behind."🥺
Click here to learn more about Proscenium!.
Click here to learn more about Footprints!.


Open to all age groups between 14 to 30 years of age.


Proscenium Finals: JN TATA Auditorium, IISC.
Footprints Finals: Fun Zone, IISC.

Coordinators: Contact them at

    Manikumar R (+91 9480225156)
    Aramaan Meher (+918984209606)
email pravegaproscenium@gmail.com