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Registration and Submission:

  • July 22nd-August 8th: Online Prelims
  • August 8rd-10th: Judging of online prelims
  • August 12th: Announcement of semi-finalists
  • 2nd September: Semi-final and Final rounds

Rules and Regulations

Please read terms and conditions carefully before registering.

List of Songs for Finals

Terms and Conditions


Lasya gives you the stage to showcase your dance skills. The first round is online prelims where submissions are shortlisted. They would be invited to perform in IISc where semi-final and final rounds would be held. Categories involve team and individual participation.


Winners of Lasya'22:

Solo Category:

Team Category:

Judges for prelims:

Judges for semi finals and finals:

Judge as student representative:
Dhruv Lal

Our Judges

In Sync

As a prelude to the enthralling dance exposition that is Lasya, an online, Instagram-based event, InSync, was organised. This was conducted as part of pre-Pravega activities among the IISc students, an opportunity for the dancers among us to flaunt their moves.
This year, it took place from 8th to 26nd June, with two categories - Team and Solo. From around dazzling entries that we received; our judges decided the winners as follows:
Best Solo Performance: Madhura Guha
Best Team Performance: Team Swing ~ Koyel Roy and Sumi
Our judges were a brilliant panel of two prolific dancers, popular in Bangalore dance circles - Pritha Kundu, Priya Manohar and Dhruv Lal as students representative.

For Queries, contact:

  • Souvik Mandal: +91 9382302911
  • Sharwary M R: +91 9741212612

email pravega.lasya@gmail.com

Follow us on Instagram @lasya_iisc.22