Battle of Bands

A melange of music

"Your music awaits to be heard on the hot burning stage, there's a spot just for you"



Registration open till 21stJuly 2022
Regional Finals: 1st week of August
Final program: 2nd September


Battle of the Bands is the most musician-centric semi-pro band competition and the inaugural pro-nite of Pravega, the annual fest of IISc, Bangalore. Battle of the Bands is the annual band competition of Pravega. Since its inception, it has been growing every year, with last year seeing a footfall of over 2500(info of 2020). It is now recognized to be among the top semi-pro band competitions in India. The competition consists of two rounds; The Preliminaries and The Finals. The Preliminaries will be conducted in various cities across the country while the top 4/5 bands will take part in the final showdown in Bangalore during Pravega. For participating in this competition, interested teams can register online, the links of which are up. Get your band ready, and get ready to blow everyone’s minds. Prelims The preliminaries will involve an initial screening of all the registered bands in a city, following which, the top few bands will be selected for the city preliminaries, held in late December. The performance of each band in the city prelims will be recorded and a panel of judges will select the top four/five bands across the country, which will then move on to the Finals.


Winner: 50k and will do the opening performance for Pravega Pronites