• Battle of Bands

    Get ready to rock your senses at the Battle of Bands, where melodious mayhem and electrifying performances collide in an epic showdown. Experience the raw energy of talented musicians as they compete for glory and make your heart pound to the rhythm of the music!

    Co-ordinator: Harshit Dev Mathur
  • Elegante

    Unleash your inner fashionista at Elegante! Witness the runway come alive with the latest trends and innovative styles. It's where fashion meets art, and creativity knows no bounds. Prepare to be dazzled by the elegance and panache of this spectacular event!

    Co-ordinator: Vivedha Poorna P S, Arushi Kaul
  • Crescendo

    Get ready to be serenaded by the enchanting melodies of "Crescendo." From soulful ballads to foot-tapping beats, this music event is a symphonic celebration of talent. Join us as exceptional musicians and vocalists take the stage, filling the air with harmonious tunes that will leave you utterly mesmerized!

    Co-ordinator:Eashvar Srinivasan
  • Lasya

    Experience the rhythm of life at Lasya, where the graceful art of dance takes center stage. From classical to contemporary, witness the magic of movement and expression as talented dancers convey stories through every step. Be prepared to be spellbound by the enchanting world of "Lasya," where every dance is a narrative waiting to be told!

    Co-ordinator: Atharv Suryavanshi, Divija Nanavati
  • Dianoia

    Prepare to ignite your intellect at Dianoia, where fiery debates and thought-provoking discussions take center stage. Challenge your beliefs, defend your arguments, and engage in intellectual warfare like never before. Unleash your passion for debating and let your ideas shine!

    Co-ordinator: Aditi Arun, Chethana Nair
  • Proscenium and Footprints

    From the enthralling narratives of stage plays under the spotlight of "Proscenium" to the impactful street plays that hit the pavement in "Footprints," this event promises an exhilarating fusion of creativity, emotions, and thought-provoking performances. Join us and be part of a theatrical journey that bridges the gap between art and reality, leaving you both inspired and entertained!

    Co-ordinator: Adithya Ponnuraj, Ananth Ashish
  • Model United Nations

    Step into the shoes of global diplomats at the Model United Nations. Engage in dynamic debates and negotiations on world issues, finding solutions that could change the course of history. Join us and let your voice be heard in this incredible simulation of international diplomacy.

    Co-ordinator: Aniket Ray, Sohaan Pattanayak
  • Cooking without fire

    Discover the culinary artist in you at Cooking Without Fire. Whip up delicious creations without using traditional cooking methods. It's a culinary adventure like no other, where creativity and innovation rule the kitchen. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and impress the judges!

    Co-ordinator: Bhaskar Chelleng,Manish Sarkar
  • Shutterbugs

    Capture the world through your lens at Shutterbugs. Let your photography skills shine and reveal stories through your snapshots. This event is a visual journey of art and expression, where every click freezes moments and emotions in time. Join us to showcase your unique perspective!

    Co-ordinator: Jagadish, Subham Das