Lasya Prelims Video

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Rules and Regulations

For prelims:

Any failure to abide by these rules
will lead to disqualification

1. Duration 3 to 6 minutes
2. Members 5 to 20
3. Costumes Not necessary (won’t get any extra points), but members should wear uniform clothing
4. Props Very heavy props aren’t allowed
5. Video
  1. Resolution of video file should be at least 720p
  2. Should be a single frame, one shot without any discontinuity
  3. All members and steps should be properly visible so as to be judged properly

For finals:

1. Duration 5 to 10 minutes
2. Members 5 to 20
3. Costumes Necessary (there will be points for costumes)
4. Props Very heavy props and anything that affects the stage (like powdered substances) aren’t allowed
5. Audio Teams should come with their full audio file compiled properly in a CD or pendrive
6. Participants The finals should have the same people performing from each team as in the prelims.

Prelims Video may not be re-submitted after it has already been submitted.

Have you read and understood the above regulations?

Please review before submitting