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Rules and Regulations

  1. All bands are allowed to participate, regardless of age.
  2. There are no language or genre restrictions on the entries.
  3. The contest comprises of 3 stages. The rules for the different stages are:
    1. Registration:
      1. Bands can register online at our portal. There will be no registration fee.
      2. The band will be considered only if they upload or link to (on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, or, failing all else, Youtube) one of their tracks as a sample during registration.
    2. Prelims:
      1. We shall select anything between 5 to 8 bands from each city for the city prelims at the specified venue depending on the number of registrations.
      2. Each band will get 20+5 minutes for their performance in the prelims, which includes sound check. However, bands will be given a total of half an hour before the prelims begin to have a preliminary master sound balancing. The bands can perform as many tracks as they want to in that time limit.
    3. Finals:
      1. The finals will be conducted at IISc, Bangalore during the course of Pravega 2018.
      2. The bands will perform for 20+10 minutes. This includes the set up time.
  4. Pravega will have the right to use any of the music tracks for future promotional purposes, with due credit given to the band.
  5. Any dispute arising due to any confusion regarding the contest shall be resolved at IISc by Battle of Bands, Pravega and the decision or resolution provided will be considered final.
  6. Pravega reserves the right to change specifics of the competition including rules and regulations, bands selected, prize amounts, etc., if necessary.
    All decisions by Pravega shall be final and binding.

You can also download a copy of the rules for all events as a PDF here.

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