Open Mic

Welcome to Pravega’s first Open Mic competition! Here’s a platform for you to showcase your talents in front of a passionate mixture of amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

What happens?

There are 3 Open Mic themes:

  1. Music
  2. Comedy
  3. Spoken-word


Just penned out the last verse of your new song? Perform for us! Unplug your soul, set your vibes free and let your lyrics move us in our live music sessions.


Have something to get off your chest like Bill Burr? Have some quick and witty one-liners like Jimmy Carr? Or are you just relatable like Kenny Sebastian? Even if it’s just your mom or half the city that thinks you’re funny, our open mic is the place to be.


On our stage you can scream or whisper, just pour your heart out. Make us feel what you feel, bring us to tears or make us think. If you’ve got powerful prose or versatile verse, the mic is yours.

How do I register?

Click here to register for the first round online. Make sure to perfect your script, and get ready to draw the audience into your world.

What do I get?

All participants who register get free t-shirts! Priority to those who register online!