We're done for this year guys! See you next year!

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January 19-21, 2018

Welcome to the realm of Pravega, the home of Science and Culture.

Pravega 2018 has ended. See you here again in 2019!

About Us

Pravega is a three-day fest organized by the Undergraduate community of the Indian Institute of Science. Derived from the Sanskrit word for acceleration, Pravega accurately describes the sentiment of the work culture in the scientific and student community of accelerating in life.

Being an eclectic mixture of numerous Scientific and Cultural events, you are invited to join us during the pleasant winter days from 19th to 21st January 2018, and take part in the biggest science fest in India, and the fastest growing science fest in the World.

We hope to reignite the fire of curiosity, which separates a child from an adult, and enrich the thinking of all people visiting us. This Pravega, join us in this adventure of science, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pravega 2017.

The technical events in Pravega aim to bring science to the masses through fun, unconventional means. From learning and applying biological concepts in solving a murder, to using chemical mixtures to paint T-shirts, from using common concepts in physics to walk on water, to creating effective strategies for an auction with unusual rules, the scientific events take innovation to another level in finding ways to make people understand the beautiful and often misunderstood phenomena of nature. With a host of new events this year, the Technical teams aim to stimulate your curiosity and hopefully make you aware of things you didn’t know before.

At the end of the day, our hope is that you have fun, and enjoy while doing science.

A common misconception is that researchers and scientists are isolated animals, shunning culture and society, spending their lives in and around books and laboratories.

The truth is much stranger than fiction here though, as the scientific community is ardently interested in many cultural fields, and many researchers are known to actively pursue the fields of art, music and the like, sometimes more than their own research, much to the chagrin of their mentors.

The cultural events in Pravega aim to display our love for the various forms of music, art, dance and drama and show that scientists are no less than others are when it comes to these fields. Join us in enjoying this glorious festival of colors and songs.