Cognitive analysis has always been a challenge for computers. While a computer has great data processing power, the said power is useless if the machine is unable to understand how to process the data. In this challenge organized by IBM, pore over reams of reviews and comments, and figure out a model to make the computer understand sentiments.

Sponsored by IBM

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What happens?

A complete description of the problem statement and the approach to solving the problem is found in the below rulebook. Abstracts for a problem would be submitted by you, which would then be evaluated by our team. The teams with the best proposals would join us at the Indian Institute of Science for the finals during Pravega!


The list of finalists for Hackathon is out now, click here to view.


1st to 16th January, 2018 Registration and Abstract Submission
18th January, 2018 Results of Preliminary Selection
20th January, 2018 Final Presentation

How do I register?

Click here, and be a part of making better Cognitive Analysis models for computers. Your effort might help make a conscientious Skynet in the future, saving a potential disaster!

Don't forget to keep your idea handy, you need it for the abstract!

What do I get?

Winning has its own rush of dopamine. Besides the bragging rights and the international recognition, the winners will also have a grand addition to their wallets. The winners would be awarded ₹70,000 and the runners-up would be awarded ₹30,000.

(20th January, 2018)

IBM's talk on cognitive computing is from 11AM to 12:30PM in Satish Dhawan Auditorium.

Presentations are from 1:30PM to 5PM.

Prizes will be after presentations.