Molecular Murals

Stuck in a catacomb of benzene rings? Does Chemistry conjure up catatonic thoughts of formulae and structures? Molecular Murals helps your break out of that monotony. Given inorganic salts, mix them to your heart’s content to obtain several different colors and then use these to give form to your artistic fantasies. Revisit the riot of color that is Chemistry, with the wonder of a child, at Molecular Murals.


Entry Fee will be collected on Site.


Chemistry, as a field of study, birthed from alchemy, but has it evolved from its heretical origins? At CheMystical, we have a self-declared sorcerer with mind-bending ‘magic’. It is up to you to prove him wrong, and add fire to the age-old battle of supremacy between Magic and Science. Delve into the CheMystery behind the Wizardry and decide: Enchantments or Erudition?