Airbus Aeromodelling Initiative

Not everyone in the world has the same privileges which we dismiss as necessities, many struggle to make even ends meet. Many great intellects are born in such conditions, who are unable to emerge because of the lack of a proper financial background and unavailability of opportunities. We at Pravega, with the help of Airbus, seek to help such intellects at their grassroots stage, thus enabling them to secure themselves a better future.


This year, Pravega proudly presents the Airbus Aeromodelling Initiative, a social event organized in partnership with Airbus. The aim of the event is to instill intelligent minds from an underprivileged background with an interest in Aeromodelling and unmanned aircrafts, with the hope that such knowledge might help them in their future careers.

General Information

Date: 21st January 2018 (Sunday)

Venue: Indian Institute of Science.

Simple aeromodelling kits will be provided to all participants, along with a take-home article.

Event Description

The event plan is as follows:

  1. An Opening Theoretical Lecture by Professor S.N. Omkar from the Aerospace Department of the Indian Institute of Science, on the general aspects, objectives and characteristics of building unmanned air-crafts.
  2. A Practical Hands-On Session where the participants get to build small models from basic materials based on standard prototypes. They will be assisted by people under Professor S.N. Omkar’s guidance.
  3. A Take-Home Article will be given by Pravega, IISc, to the targeted participants to help further their learning and keep up their interest and motivation for aeromodelling.

Target Audience

Pravega, in conjunction with Airbus, aims to hold the event for about 50 students of classes 9 and 10 or equivalent, with an underprivileged background, selected from about 5-6 schools, with the help of the Note Book Drive (NBD). Our hope is that we are able to have the students have fun, while learning something useful for their future.