These events aim to cater to a much wider groups of people that might directly exclude scientific research


Everyone is welcome to play these games in which all you need to do is have fun as we field test our creations.

Laser Tag Infinity

Play a live version of Counter Strike (except with laser guns) - in various game modes, including deathmatch, bomb and capture the flag.


FIFA '17

Everyone's favourite football simulation. Players fight one on one multiplayer matches in knockout format.
You can register online at here or on-spot till 11.30am of 21st January.

Prizes and Rules

Dota 2

What does a hero truly need? Show us what you think, in Pravega's first ever run of Dota 2!

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Meet with a like minded group of people, engage in intensive discussion and explore the unfamiliar with Pravega’s multitude of workshops. Topics include VR Game Development, IoT, Android Controlled Robotics and many more.

Register before all seats are taken! Click here to know more.


A gruelling, ten-round test of your literary chops, this contest is not for the measly dilettante who carries around a copy of the concise Oxford Engish Dictionary in his pocket; it is for true-blue geek who has a hired car drive around the full twenty volumes with her, just in case. If you and your twenty hardbounds do choose to participate, we guarantee that neither of you will be disappointed.

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The grand Pravega general quiz with questions from all genres. Put your general knowledge at test with fun and challenging questions.
Quizmaster: Thejaswi Udupa
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MELA(Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts) quiz for all the hardcore quizzers.
Quizmaster: Dr. Arul Mani
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Science Quizzine

Science Quiz for the masses. Come join us and compete against other brilliant minds of our country. Do you have what it takes to win?
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Pravega presents Shutterbug, an online photography competition that gives budding photographers a platform to show the world what they see when they are behind the lenses. The participants can submit photographs under given themes to
This year's themes are:

  • People: What do you see when you look at people around you? What do you think makes people different from each other? Click the moments that define what people, individuals mean to you.
  • Celebrations: Click the vibrancy of celebrations you see and let others know what do different events, ocassions when celebrated look like.
  • Action and Adventure: Capture the thrill and excitement of action in our lives. How an adventure could become a fun-filled page of ones life.

Rules and Prizes