These events aim to bring Science Education and Research to the center stage allowing the participants to witness and experience the thrill of discovery uniquely offererd by science


Armchair Physicist

Quiz for the general public. Sit tight and get Ready! No need to leave your armchair to do experiments, just use your brains.
Prizes and Rules

Walk on Water

Become Orion for a day! Fun event with non-Newtonian fluid made of water and corn starch.


Can you fix it? A physics quiz for hardcore physicists. Explain physical phenomena!
Prizes and Rules

Dexter's laboratory

An experiment based event where participants need to use their grey matter in order to accomplish a task.
Prizes and Rules


The Ionization

The unconventional chemistry quiz! Pravega presents a unique non-classical chemistry event where you will be astonished with riddles, puzzles with videos and storms with mazes.
Prizes and Rules

Molecular Murals

Use your knowledge of chemical synthesis to make your own pigments and paint an artwork!
Prizes and Rules

Molecule Designer

In a world struck by lethal diseases with mankind at the brink of extinction, do you have what it takes to create an antidote?
Prizes and Rules



Think you know biology? Can you prove it? Introducing Pravega's first hardcore biology quiz. Here, the best young biologists of the country face off. May the fittest survive.
Prizes and Rules


A body was found in the premises of the Indian Institute of Science. You’ve read Sherlock and followed Poirot. Now, step into their shoes. Come, live a murder mystery here at Pravega.
"The game, Mrs. Hudson, is on!"
Prizes and Rules

Terra Incognita

In every nook that you will seek
In every grain you sift,
Shall lie in wait, for you to find
A clue, a precious gift
Pravega's Biology Themed Treasure Hunt
Prizes and Rules


Code market

Love coding? Not enough! Write your code and sell it to other players to win. Experience math, coding, strategising for the market, and lot more at in this Pravega.
Prizes and Rules

Daedalian Auction

Experience buying and selling goods with some unexpected twists.
Prizes and Rules

Math and Games

For those with a love of math and games. Experience disguised math in a fun way!